• Assessment, Treatment & Aftercare

The three stage process explained.
Tina treats holistically and therefore regards the body as a whole, and to this end, works with each individual patient who will receive her total commitment to their specific treatment requirements.

1. Assessment
Your first appointment will involve the taking of a medical history followed by a discussion about your particular problem. Then a full biomechanical assessment is made which includes a detailed assessment of your posture and the way that you move. Your assessment will also include:
• Axes of motion orientation of key joints in the lower limb; This will determine footwear needs and possible potential for injury.
• Pelvic assessment in all three planes investigating anatomical , functional and apparent changes using a pelvic inclinometer.
• Leg length inequality assessment, motion pattern analysis, footwear assessment and advice and recommendations.
The biomechanical profile can be used for both short and long term treatment and prevention of repetitive injuries. Tina supplies all the essential equipment and expertise, all you need to do is bring yourself and a selection of well-worn shoes, and any previous orthotics or supports.

2. Treatment
Once the diagnosis is made Tina will devise a specific course of treatment aimed at getting you back to full fitness in the shortest and safest possible time. It may involve specialist massage using the Theraflex system and if necessary a fitness plan can be drawn up to help recovery and strengthen the body. Each step will be discussed with you.

3. Aftercare
In order to maintain flexibility it is recommended to have a top-up treatment every three months.

• Gaining and maintaining fitness

Having a fully equipped gym, Tina can work with you to maintain or gain a certain level of fitness whether recovering from injury or needing to train for a sporting event. Either way she is experienced at devising personal programmes and advising on specific exercises.

• Introducing orthotics

Orthotics are individually made bespoke insoles, which are worn inside your shoes. If, during your assessment, it is identified that you need orthotics to help eliminate your problem, we can order them for you from the lab at sub-4 Health. They can have a major positive effect on your posture, helping to eliminate years of abnormal biomechanical function and pain.

• Massage and the Theraflex system

It restores natural mobility, flexibility and fluidity which will improve agility and help with everyday activities. A healthy spine increases energy levels and promotes a feeling of  ‘well-being’ and reduces the risk of injury. You may not have a problem now but the joints in our body become less flexible and therefore muscles become tight as time goes by and a natural progression of this is over stressing of joints, which in turn, leads to increased risk of injury.

Do you suffer from…

Neck and shoulder pain, tingling in the hands, headaches, backache, associated leg pains, frozen shoulder, prolapsed disc or curvature of the spine, including scoliosis ? Even if you suffer from Osteoporosis, this treatment is safe and beneficial.

How does it work?

The ‘bionic hand’ of the Theraflex is a computerised extension of the therapist’s hand. It is powered by compressed air, enabling the therapist to achieve more depth and precision than is possible by manual manipulation.


Once a supple spine is achieved, my aim is to maintain it’s condition. Usually there is improvement after one treatment and often patients only require three sessions. I aim to maintain your new healthy spine with a ‘top-up’ treatment every three months.

To see the Theraflex video click here.