I have developed various exercise plans and can manipulate these according to individual needs to provide you with  healthier joints, improved posture and  back, more mobility and strength to enhance general well-being and sport specific skills.

For example; Golf, Squash,Tennis,Horse riding,Skiing, Running, Cycling, Swimming or team sports will all benefit from  good core stability,  mobility and strength which in turn, enables correct ‘sport specific’ skills to improve your overall performance.

I use the TRX suspension trainer to develop these skills and this technique is available to everybody regardless of your ability or fitness. The plan will be developed especially for you.

For healthy joints and back, learn how to correct any poor posture techniques and improve your ability to move more freely and reduce general fatigue.

Remember, it’s all in the preparation !

 If you would like any more information regarding these plans, please feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements.

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