Have you ever wondered why your back is hurting and what exactly brought on the pain in the first place? More often than not it is an accumulation of several factors which, when combined over a period of time, can cause you a great deal of pain and immobility. Many years ago if you went to your doctor with a ‘bad back’, he/she would have advised you to lay down flat on your back for six weeks. We now know this to be detrimental to your recovery, this theory simply doesn’t work.

The first 48 hours of the onset of back pain is the most crucial time for the recovery of this debilitating problem which affects us all at some point in our lives, so what is the best advice and what can you do to ease back pain?

Reduce the Inflammation and Muscle Spasm

Locate the point of pain and place an ice pack (or frozen peas) on the area for 10 minutes and then as often as every hour depending on the severity of the pain. Always place either a paper tissue (kitchen paper), or apply some oil to the skin to prevent the ice from burning.

Keep Gently Mobile

Attempt to keep as much movement as possible within a ‘pain free’ range. If you produce pain with movement, you will increase inflammation and so hinder your recovery. Tense muscles cause pain, so in keeping good flexibility you will reduce your pain levels.


Be aware of keeping good posture with your shoulders nicely relaxed. Whatever you are doing, give yourself a 30 minute time limit. Change what you are doing, take a break, have a walk around, particularly if you are working at the computer for any period of time.


If you feel so inclined, and have no adverse effects, you can take a course of anti-inflammatory tablets and can also apply anti-inflammatory cream to the affected area to speed up your recovery.

This is a brief summary of what can be done within the first 48 hours of the onset of back pain however, if you are unduly concerned, you should consult a professional to obtain advice specifically for your particular problem.

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