Bodymatters Physiotherapy is run by Tina Hall M.S.F, M.E, J.M, M.A.B.Phys. who qualified as a physiotherapist in the UK in 1987. Tina set up the clinic in Bussac, Haute Vienne in 2011 after living and working in the Languedoc Rousillion region of France. Her passion and drive took her from honing her skills in private practice, in a sports injuries clinic and then in a doctor’s practice right through to training in and teaching of sports acrobatics. She was selected to be the physio to the GB acrobatics team accompanying them round the world.
Tina is proud to have worked with specialists and the first generation Theraflex massage system which over the years has developed to provide the most advanced spinal treatment of its kind and is the very first in France.

In her downtime Tina can be found on the squash court, thrashing out the kilometers on her bike or walking her beloved spaniel Molly with husband Alan in the countryside.